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Chemistry at Oxford is a four year course leading to the degree of MChem (with honours). The course provides a high-level education in the subject, with sufficient flexibility to enable students to specialise in the areas of greatest interest to them and also to venture into overlapping scientific disciplines.

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The first year course is broadly based, and designed to provide a solid foundation for the subsequent three years. In addition to the traditional areas of Chemistry, it includes coverage of Biological Chemistry, The Physical Basis of Chemistry and Mathematics for Chemistry.

The second year covers much of the core material for the Chemistry course. The three examinations taken in the Summer, Part IA, cover material from the first two years and count 15% towards the degree.

The third year continues coverage of core material but also offers a choice of more specialised Options which cover a wide range of topics, some relating to research interests in the Department. Part IB examinations are taken at the end of the year and comprise 6 general papers relating to accumulated core material and one paper covering the Options. These examinations count 50% towards the final degree.

The practical course is an integral part of the first three years. Practicals are assessed throughout the course, and the second and third year practical assessments count 10% towards the final degree.

The fourth year is spent entirely on a research project, working with a supervisor chosen by the student. A thesis is submitted for assessment at the end of the year, and the evaluation incorporated in the final degree result. This project counts 25% towards the final degree. 

N.B. We are currently reviewing the structure and content of the MChem course. There may be some changes to the above in future years. Any significant changes that are introduced will be described here, before the relevant application deadline.

We have a page of answers to many frequently asked questions.

For additional details or queries relating to the undergraduate Chemistry course at Oxford, or about the undergraduate admissions procedures for Chemistry, please contact the Undergraduate Office:

Email: admissions@chem.ox.ac.uk

For information about Chemistry graduate admissions please contact the Graduate Office:

Email: graduate.admissions@chem.ox.ac.uk

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