Undergraduate Admissions

The standard procedures for entry are described in the University’s Undergraduate Prospectus, available on-line at ox.ac.uk/moreinfo, which includes a link to the online order form for the prospectus

Colleges all welcome enquiries concerning their provision for Chemistry or any aspect of Admissions for the subject, and each College has its own brochure. The Tutor for Admissions at any of the colleges would be pleased to hear from you.

You may apply to a particular college, if you so wish; but you are equally free to express no preference, without prejudicing your chances of being accepted. Some applicants may be reallocated to a college they have not applied to; this process ensures that your chances of success are not affected by the college you have applied to. Candidates for reallocation are selected centrally and this is not an indication that your chosen college has rejected you. The colleges collaborate closely and extensively to ensure that no deserving applicant is overlooked.

Many candidates also get interviewed by a second college, which is also centrally allocated. Moreover, some conditional offers for Chemistry are made on an “open” basis, with the college to be determined after the A-Level (or Baccalaureate, etc.) results are known. These are in addition to the offers made in the normal way by individual colleges.

The admissions process for Chemistry is straightforward in that all colleges will make their decisions on the basis of academic record and interview.

Applications open in early September, and the deadline is 6pm UK time on 15 October every year.

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